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21st of Nov, 2010

15:16 - Procurer of bling for the high and mighty, and anyone else that asks.

I've been asked to assist in the blingification of the current Prince and Princess of Nordmark. I must say, it's making me squeal like a little girl!

I love this, making (sparkling) stuff that's going to be used! It's just so much fun.

I can't show pictures since it's not for me, but I think maybe I'll take some and reveal later once it's finished. :D

So far I've come up with lots of ideas, some as surprises, some that I hope will meet with approval.

It's been quite some time since I was this happy, amazing what my blingbox can do to improve a very bleak November day. :) Now to decide what to do next... I wish I had some letters E and T...

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8th of Nov, 2010

18:30 - Gotvik is a Barony!

I am so excited, after 2,5 years we've become a Barony!

This is just so amazing, I've been surfing a general wave of utter happiness and bone weary exhaustion all weekend long. Tonight I'm just gonna relax and enjoy myself, but tomorrow it is time to go though the finances and finish the job as an autocrat.

It was my original plan that we'd hold the investiture next year at our 20 year jubilee, but at the direct request of the Prince and Princess of Nordmark to get it done before they stepped down we moved it to the university. Before that request I'd asked to be the autocrat of the university, and in hind sight it wasn't an optimal situation, but I think in many ways it worked out quite ok anyway. But this resulted that without the assistance of Viscountess Wilhelmina and Lady Teffaine none of my garb would have been done, I am truly indebted to them.

Pictures, not taken by me, are available for viewing at:


17th of Oct, 2010

20:52 - An update, of sorts

I was doubting if I should participate in the kingdom A&S competition or not, due to time constraints. But then I decided I'd participate with one item. Tomorrow I'll need to do school work, once that is done I can spend most of my time sewing.
I'm still not completely done on the darn Drachenwald embroidery challenge. *sigh* Maybe I should just do a focused rush on that one and try to forget that I need to do other stuff first?

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14th of Oct, 2010

11:48 - Patterning and documentation

Right now I'm working on the patterns for my new spiffy investiture garb. I would like to get started on it so it will at least be wearable by the investiture in 22 days. (Eeeep!)
It is my intention to document it all since I'll be trying out various patterns and seeing which will fit best and to participate in the A&S competition with it.
So right now I'm surfing wildly, trying to gather up as many reliable resources as possible. I really don't have time for any ILL's so I'll be a bad researcher and not use books.

I think however I have a fair idea of various construction techniques for 16th century Ottoman garments. We shall have to see how it goes. But the more I look at these, the more I like them. I'll make more styles and probably keep using them after the investiture. Maybe I'll get a third AOA if I change persona once again? ;)

The plan is to make pants/salwar from white cotton satin. Pattern from Ottoman source.
A shirt/gömlek from white hemp. Pattern from Persian source.
An undercoat/enteri from dark green silk taffeta. Pattern based on Ottoman 17th century source.
A short under coat/chirka from blue and green changé silk. Pattern based on plain common sense. :)
A short over coat/yelek from printed cotton. Pattern based on preserved Ottoman kaftans.
A kaftan from blue and prink striped silk. Pattern based on slightly different Ottoman kaftans.

I'm so glad nearly all are just rectangular construction.
The plan is to cut it all out today, sew all the straight seams on the sewing machine in my shire's premises and finish the hems off by hand. It should be doable. Right? :D

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16th of Feb, 2010

20:11 - Blue and white Gotvik gown

It's soon done, just need to hem it and adjust one of the sleeve endings since it ended up a little tight.


Once I'm done with this I'll start on a coat since I really need outdoor clothes.

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14th of Feb, 2010


I've been considering starting on a new set of garb for quite some time now.
There's so many who are doing landsknecht or some version of it here. I think it's a little boring for me to blend in too much.
So I think I'll start doing some 15th century Germanic outfits for me to wear. We shall see how it goes and how much my hands will let me sew. I keep getting aches into them so I'm trying to learn to sew on a machine and just take it easy on the hands.
Today I've almost finished the bodice of my blue and white Gotvik dress, I think it will turn out nice. :)

13th of Feb, 2010

22:46 - New projects

I've been very busy with mundane stuff and school this last year so I really haven't done anything creative other then school at all.

After a long break over xmas a lot of my creative energy have returned, so I finally find myself doing things again. I'm working on completing a smocked apron I started this summer when I was in Venice, sewing in all that I loved about that city into it. I have a few other projects that I'm also working to finish. Amongst them my blue and white Gotvik dress. And I just cut out pieces for a totally crazy panache that will go with my new wardrobe. :)

A new thing is that I've gotten a cat to help me sew. He's amazingly talented at making all fabric furry. Quite an achievement. ;)

26th of Apr, 2009

20:21 - Some crafts again

I haven't made any crafty posts here in a long while, been very busy and I haven't really been in the mood for crafts. But ever so slowly I've found my way back to the creativity I've lacked.

I've actually gotten some sewing done, been assembling my ceriese gown that's been in pieces for far too long. I need to hem it and make the fake hemd for the front and it's ready to wear.
I've started on a blue and white heraldic'ish gown. I hope to have it done before the 20th of may. We shall have to see how that goes. I'm using it to test a theory I have about saxon style dresses.
And I'm going to dye next week. Got an order to make more dark blue silk yarn. And I think I will try some very simple shibori as a gift. I've been reading a little about Japanese natural dyeing and I must say, it's really interesting. Now I just need to locate the silk yarn after the move... :-O

I've also become the local seneschal for my shire, it's intersting and is (so far) very fun. I feel so lucky having the opportunity being the seneschal for a shire like Gotvik, so much activity, creativity and nice people.

9th of Jan, 2009

22:37 - King René style tournament

I have a bunch of ideas for things to make and do in the medieval societies I'm in. As always I have more ideas then I have time to realise.
The more I look at it however I like the idea of arranging a King René style tournament.

Links for further reading when I'm not so tired:


8th of Jan, 2009

12:33 - There and back again

What better way to start a new year then with a coronation?

Åsa suggested it and I tagged along to sewing the new Queen's coronation dress, it was the secret project I wasn't allowed to speak of. :)
I'm quite happy with the results, even though there are a few things I would like to have had more time to work on. But we finished it all in time, despite school, work, illness and personal problems.
A picture of it can be seen here:
Picture by Edricus

And the surprise I was talking about, it was a goller for her excellency Margerite that by chance totally matched her outfit:
Picture by Edricus

Also I got to help lady Teffanie (sp?) with her wulsthaube, yay, more people in wulsthaubes! :) She really looks pretty in it too:
Picture by Edricus

We left Gotvik around 23 in the evening of the new years day, on the ferry to Denmark and then drove down during the night. Well. I was insanely awake since I had worked night the night before, I whish I had a driver's licence since I was probably the most awake person in the car and it would have eased things a lot for Ludewic who was the one who drove the whole night and day. :-/ Anyway, we arrived safely and instaled ourselves.

I sewed most of the time at the event and for the rest of the time I took it rather slow, didn't even go to the A&S display. Despite feeling low and sad and fighting fits of crying I did have a good time, met new friends, met a Drachenwald Dyeing laurel that invited me to a dyeing mailing list (YAY, people to babble about dying with!) got totally awed by some peoples beautiful beautiful clothes. So inspiring, I really feeel like embroidering now. And making a new wulsthaube, and an apron, and a goller and and and... :)

And our dear Clemens finally got his AOA! I can't think of anyone more deserving right now, he's such a wonderful person it's unbelievable that it has taken him so long to get the AOA. But now he got it from the hands of the queen and it was a really beutiful scroll. I'm really happy for him.

And Ho Chi had a song written about him since he's the kings man (squire to the king). He was charged to make sure all of Drachenwald gets to hear it. :) And he got a favour from the king that said "If lost, please return to the king" since he couldn't be found during the friday vigil for Sir Vitus. Ho Chi was actually in mine and Åsa's room, chatting with us while we sewed the last final bits on the coronation gown for the queen.

All in all it was a fun event, though now I have a nasty icky cold.


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